September 2003

From Mexico City to Oaxaca

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The big volvanoes, Ixtaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl, covered in clouds on my way to Puebla, Mexico
A giant metal cross on my way to Puebla, Mexico
On the Paso de Cortés between the two big volcanoes, with Popocatépetl in the background
A peak view of Popocatépetl with its snow capped summit
Descending the dirt road to Puebla from the Paso de Cortés
At the mechanic shop of Alejandro Orozco and sons in Puebla, Mexico
Cathedral in Cholula, Mexico
The Great Pyramid of Cholula (covered in vegetation) with church on top
Hanging out at the motorcycle mechanic with Joaquin Uriarte (far right) in Puebla, Mexico
On the road through the mountains from Puebla to Oaxaca
One of the thousands of turns of the road to Oaxaca
A cactus growing in a cactus forest on the road to Oaxaca
The road to Oaxaca
The main square in Oaxaca, Mexico
Inside one of the churches in Oaxaca, Mexico
The church of Santo Domingo in Oaxaca
One of the streets of Oaxaca
Inside the church of Santo Domingo in Oaxaca
The roof of the church of Santo Domingo

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